Supported release: 1.1.0

The goal of ARAnyM is to provide a free, fast and powerfull Atari computer emulator. ARAnyM is an acronym: Atari Running on Any Machine. This page is dedicated to help use of ARAnyM on your computer, with pre-configured ARAnyM archives. You will find hers diffrents use of ARAnyM.

Here is a small gallery of snapshot to give you an idea Aranym in use

a snapshot of ARAnyM a snapshot of ARAnyM a snapshot of ARAnyM a snapshot of ARAnyM

Last update : July 8 2020
For contact email me at : o dot l at lutece dot net


This is the modern version of my first very old version (2008 !), here rather provide separate configuration I propose one doing all configuration in same time with very simple choice, to be able to start a lot of configuration in same time.You will be able to run with this archive:




1 : You need first install ARAnyM by yourself, goto ARAnyM download area :
2 : To test all configuration you need standard, MMU and JIT version
3 : Depending of you system it recommend to do this:

- Windows, run install program nothing more
- macOS (or OS X), extract archive and put folder in your "Applications" folder
- Linux the best is to compil ARAnyM by yourself, you will find source code for the realease with other pre build ex for 1.1.0 name is "aranym_1.1.0.orig.tar.gz", unpack it, go in the folder then start compil with this options:
sudo make install

with this operation you should have standard version installed (aranym), now we need try compil MMU version

make clean
./configure  --enable-fullmmu
sudo make install

with this operation you should have mmu version installed (aranym-mmu), now we need try compil JIT version

make clean
./configure --enable-jit-compiler --enable-jit-fpu
sudo make install

Now you should have aranym-jit installed too

4 : Dowload my archive (around 51 MB) ARAnymmulti, extract it anywhere
5 : Run one of the script proposed in Aranym_files folder depending of your system ( for Linux, for macos (OS X I think 10.6 minimum else script probably will failed but configuration should be able to run on older system), run_window.bat)
6 : Answer to question during boot process you should be able to start your GEM 68K system


    When start script you have 6 possible choice:
            1 : Mint ARAnyM std
            2 : Mint ARAnyM MMU
            3 : Mint ARAnyM JIT Fullscreen
            4 : Falcon TOS 4.04 ARAnyM MMU
            5 : Falcon TOS 4.04 ARAnyM STD
            6 : Emutos ARAnyM STD
            Choice 4,5 and 6 no other choice possible, this configuration will boot on virtual image disk, you have just tu "return" whn prompt from HDriver demo request
            Choice 1, 2, 3 will display this choice, the boot is done on Z drive (folder DriveZ):

            1 : MyAES_098_Beta_fVDI  : Run MyAES 0.98 beta with fVDI video driver
            2 : XaAES_fVDI : Run XaAES with fVDI video driver
            3 : MyAES_098_Beta_videl : Run MyAES 0.98 beta under video videl mode
            4 : XaAES_videl : Run XaAES under video videl mode
            5 : Multitos_AES4.0_videl : Run original Multitos AES 4.0 under video videl mode
            6 : MyAES_098_Beta_debug_videl : Run debug version of MyAES 0.98 beta

This last choice (MyAES 0.98 debug version) is able to display all AES call of a debug application, calls will be print on host console, to use it you need modify add in "DriveZ/gemsys/myaes/app_conf.cnf" the program to debug, for exemple you want debug QED just add:

app_debug QED